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David Webster President, CEO david@webstercompany.com Ext x201
Webster & Company Boston Design Center info@webstercompany.com Ext
William Burg Vice President, CFO billb@webstercompany.com Ext x202
Peter Griglik Showroom Manager & Senior Sales Associate - Furniture & Lighting peterg@webstercompany.com Ext x220
JaneMary Harrington Director of Textiles and Wallcovering janemary@webstercompany.com Ext x210
Jonathan Giacoletto Visual Design Director & Social Media jonathan@webstercompany.com Ext x256
Jed Roth Senior Sales Associate - Textiles & Wallcovering jed@webstercompany.com Ext x222
Wendy Johnson Senior Sales Associate - Furniture & Lighting wendy@webstercompany.com Ext x221
Becky Bernard Sales Associate Textiles & Wallcovering becky@webstercompany.com Ext x211
Stephen Mehrtens Senior Outside Sales Associate stephen@webstercompany.com Ext x212
Judy Blackiemore Sample Department Manager samples@webstercompany.com Ext x230
Caroline Coscia Customer Service, Textiles, Furniture & Lighting. caroline@webstercompany.com Ext x251
Kim Hinds Contract and Hospitality kim@webstercompany.com Ext x262
Aga Orlowska Contract & Hospitality Support aga@webstercompany.com Ext x263
Lee Marks Director of Accounting lee@webstercompany.com Ext x254
Nancy Goodman Commissions nancy@webstercompany.com Ext x255
Michelle Arsenault Southern New England michelle@webstercompany.com Ext